Items! Yoko Ono’s Piano, Taxidermied Trigger

LES art galleries pay tribute to Richard Price’s Lush Life.

We will say this of Lindsay Lohan: She has nice handwriting.

Tavi gets to style an editorial for BlackBook; haters hate.

American restaurants looove talking about how “local” they are, so why do they keep going for European wines?

Fine, if people are going to get all upset, Anthony Bourdain won’t try to crowd-source his book.

We missed free Chick-Fil-A, which we really could have used, goddammit.

The key to success for the Whitney’s downtown expansion? Space for the permanent collection, says Jerry Saltz.

Colbert weighs in on the Jezebel thing. Great. So glad this isn’t over.

Sometimes Lady Gaga hangs out at Yoko Ono’s house.

Buy Roy Rogers’ taxidermied horse at Christie’s.

Items! Yoko Ono’s Piano, Taxidermied Trigger