James Franco to Teach ‘Very Special Class’ at Yale

James Franco appeared on Good Morning America this weekend.

“If it seems like Franco is a deep thinker,” said host Bianna Golodryga. “He is.”

He spoke about his General Hospital stint and — more importantly — his academic plans. In addition to continuing his perpetual education, James Franco will teach.

“I am going to teach at Yale,” he told Golodryga. “It’s in the works. I have a very special class I will be teaching next January.”

Yalies, ever skeptical, seem dubious:

Last we heard he was just hoping to TA a class, but is Franco really going to teach something?  And what? Is he taking over for Bloom in January?  “Acting for English Majors”? “James Franco, A Comparative Study”?  “Me”?

Hush, hush, little Yalien. Do not question James Franco. Just enjoy the show. And email us the instant those second-semester course listings go online.


James Franco to Teach ‘Very Special Class’ at Yale