Javier Bardem to Appear on Glee?

The list of Hollywood stars that have either appeared on Glee (Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Chenowith) or are rumored to appear on Glee (Katy Perry, Katie Holmes, anyone else named Katie/Katy, Britney Spears) are pretty much exactly who you would expect — some mix of singers, dancers, actors and people just famous enough to give Fox something else to promote about their runaway hit show. And then there’s Javier Bardem. 

The Oscar-winning actor — best known for either playing a psychopath or heartthrob, depending on the person you ask — will reportedly make an appearance on Glee next season. And while this could just be another rumor floating around the series — OMG, Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele are totally dating — since there are actually corresponding quotes from Bardem, it simply feels too insane to make up. Said Bardem to EW: “We’re going to rock the house […] We’re going to do some heavy metal — Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst.” OK then!

Bardem’s plot will dovetail with the wheelchair bound Artie (played by the non-wheelchair bound Kevin McHale) and will probably feature at least one ridiculous medallion and some leather pants. The story goes that the actor became a “Gleek” (a.k.a. a fan of the Fox series) after watching the first season in a single week and sought out his Eat Pray Love director — and Glee creator — Ryan Murphy to beg for a role. Our theory? Columbia Pictures — and Murphy — realized that the Julia Roberts-led Eat Pray Love was skewwing older in its tracking and needed to get under-25 girls to the theater. And what better way to do that here in 2010 than to be associated with Glee. Hey, it was either that or vampires… Javier Bardem to Appear on Glee?