Jeffrey Deitch, Francophile?

L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art, under the new leadership of gallerist Jeffrey Deitch, will be hosting James Franco’s latest performance piece. SOAP at MOCA: James Franco on General Hospital will consist of a live taping on location at the museum.

According to the MOCA release:

In this special episode, Franco, James Franco’s character from General Hospital, will be having an exhibition at MOCA Pacific Design Center, during which time Jeffrey Deitch, the new director of MOCA, and the characters from Port Charles from General Hospital wil be making their West Coast debut.

Franco’s bio omits mention of his studies at Columbia, but does include two courses of study of which we were previously unaware. It seems Franco “studies poetry at Warren Wilson College [and] has an MFA in Fiction Writing from Brooklyn College.” By our count this is three MFAs, two in fiction, one in film.

On his latest project:

“Soap at MOCA is an attempt to both blur and define the lines between different disciplines, between life and art, between art and popular culture, and between representations of the self as both performative character and as non-performative self,” commented James Franco.

The episode will air July 22nd.

Elsewhere in the bold blurring of lines: Stefani Germanotta hangs out at MIT, and The Times considers the possibility that “Lady Gaga herself is espousing a philosophical position that we ought to take seriously.” Watch out, Franco, she’s closing in on you.

Jeffrey Deitch, Francophile?