John Liu’s Press Shop Hires–UPDATED

John Liu is about to announce a series of new hires for the press shop in the comptroller’s office.

Joseph Tarver, who served for many years as Communications Director for Empire State Pride Agenda and, briefly as interim executive director, will be working alongside his former boss, ex-ESPA head and current deputy comptroller Alan Van Capelle.

And Josiel Estrella will be leaving her post at Bill Lynch Associates, where she has been for more than decade, to work as a press officer Comptroller’s Office. Estrella also did a stint at with the Paterson 2010 campaign and the New York State Democratic Party. Her soon-to-be-ex-boss Lynch was a key adviser on Liu’s 2009 Comptroller run.

A Communications Director to oversee the whole operation is said to be forthcoming.

Liu has been big on hiring big names; in addition to peeling Van Capelle away from ESPA, he has hired former City Councilman Simcha Felder and former Clinton adviser Eric Eve to previously anonymous deputy comptroller jobs.

Plus, if you want to see a suspiciously professional (dare I say mayoral) website, check it.

John Liu’s Press Shop Hires–UPDATED