Koch Releases Enemies List

As part of his ongoing plan to save New York from its politicians, former mayor Ed Koch released the names of those who refused to sign his New York Uprising pledge.

“You would think every candidate for office this year would embrace the opportunity to pledge to enact real, meaningful reforms to clean up state government and make our state a saner, smarter, more ethical place,” Koch says in a statement. “And over 200 candidates for office have done just that.  But far too many candidates clearly want to keep our state exactly the way it is – they benefit from the corruption, the dysfunction, the inanity that defines Albany and they clearly don’t want to do anything about it. “

A sizeable number of self-styled reformers find themselves on the list, including darlings of Manhattan goo-goos Deborah Glick, Dick Gottfried, and Danny O’Donnell. Also in Koch’s crosshairs: Assembly speaker Shelly Silver and Senate leader John Sampson.

To get back into Koch’s good graces, candidates have to pledge to support independent redistriciting, budget reforms, and a host of new ethical laws.

Candidates can off his enemies list, Koch said, as soon as they sign the pledge.

The full list can be found here



Koch Releases Enemies List