Koch to Booker: get involved in Gaymon killing case

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch weighed in on the Newark police shooting death of Dean Gaymon this morning, saying in an interview with Baristanet that Newark Mayor Cory Booker must get involved in the case.

“Mayor Booker’s leadership is essential in this case and in changing the policy of how Newark’s police force deals with public homosexual activity,” Koch said in a telephone interview with Baristanet this morning.

An Atlanta area banker who returned to New Jersey to attend his Montclair High School renuion, Gaymon was shot by police in Branch Brook Park on July 16th after being caught in a lewd act and lunging at law enforcement, according to police.

On Wednesday, Garden State Equality Chair and CEO Steven Goldstein led a delegation from his organization to the Essex County Sherrif’s Office, which oversees Branch Brook Park where the cops patroled on the fateful night.  

“We asked how an unarmed man could have been such a threat to an officer that the officer would shoot to kill,” Goldstein said. “We asked why the officer, if he was indeed afraid, did not take self-protective action short of killing Mr. Gaymon. And we reminded Sheriff Fontoura of our request, under New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act, for documents related to previous lewdness arrests in the park and documents related to the employment history of the officer who killed Mr. Gaymon.”


According to Goldstein, Sheriff Armando Fontoura said he could not discuss the Gaymon killing “because it is an open investigation.” 






Koch to Booker: get involved in Gaymon killing case