Lance’s letter to Obama

Below is the text of U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance’s (R-Lebanon) Tuesday afternoon letter to President Barack Obama, who is slated to visit Edison tomorrow.

“Welcome to Edison, New Jersey – the birthplace of the technological revolution.  It is an honor to have you visiting the Garden State to discuss the important issue of job creation. 

“As you prepare for your trip, I ask that you strongly reconsider your economic policy advocated by U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner last weekend that would allow the Bush-era tax relief to expire for those families making $250,000 or more.  This would have a disastrous effect on New Jersey’s working families and small businesses.

“I am proud to represent in Congress many of the constituents and small businesses in Edison.  They work hard to afford one of the Nation’s highest federal and state tax burdens.  They are not the so-called “super-rich,” but hard-working middle class families facing one highest costs-of-living in the country.

“And many of these families in Edison and across New Jersey are gravely concerned about the state of the economy and the uncertainty associated with the policies coming out of Washington.  

“Higher taxes, unchecked spending, government bailouts and new health care mandates are just a few of the job-killing policies passed by Congress that are putting a strain on local small-and medium-sized businesses. And now many of these job creators are facing a stark reality of higher taxes if the Bush-era tax cuts are allowed to expired at the end of this year.

“There is bipartisan opposition in Congress to higher taxes, as most Republicans and some Democrats strongly believe that raising taxes on any group, particularly one considered crucial for creating jobs, could endanger a precarious economic recovery. 

“I whole-heartedly support your call for deficit reduction.  However, raising taxes to reduce our deficit is the wrong medicine for our ailing economy and will do little to get our deficits under control over the long-term.  

“The solution to our national debt is not more government revenue but less government spending.  Instead of proposing tax increases to reduce our federal debt, we should focus on reducing out-of-control federal spending as a way of addressing the growing size of the federal deficit and returning our Nation to a path of fiscal responsibility. 

“Mr. President, New Jerseyeans already pay too much in taxes.  Allowing any of the Bush-era tax cuts to expire would hit many of New Jersey’s small businesses and undoubtedly curtail any economic expansion and will lead to a ‘double dip’ recession resulting in further economic hardships for all Americans.

“I hope you will reconsider your tax policy and instead join me in advocating for free-market solutions that will help New Jersey’s economy grow, expand and create jobs.  Best personal wishes.”

Lance’s letter to Obama