Maloney Sends Some Mail

A reader in the 14th Congressional District forwarded the latest mailer from Carolyn Maloney’s campaign.

The front says Maloney is “Standing Up to the Special Interests,” and the back lists her efforts fighting credit card companies, “Big Oil,” Wall Street, insurance companies, special interests and the radical right.

The mailer comes as her primary opponent, Reshma Saujani, has been trying to find a wedge on a few of those issues—criticizing the congresswoman for taking corporate PAC money, for hosting a fund-raiser during the conference committee on the financial reform bill and for holding shares of BP (which a Maloney spokesperson said were inherited from her late husband).

The congresswoman might be trying to head off those criticisms. Or, she might just be hitting the perennial punching bags of special interests, and touting her work on the major issues of the day. Maloney cites her 100 percent rating by the League of Conservation Voters, says she “helped negotiate” the financial reform bill, and—in a blast from her pre-Congressional past—says “she wrote New York’s Campaign Finance Law,” limiting the role of money in city government.

Maloney Mailer

Maloney Sends Some Mail