Morning Read: Cuomo, Stringer, Credico

Andrew Cuomo took his RV tour to Albany.

He raised the specter of a Gov. Paladino.

Cuomo will have to return $1.39 million he raised for a potential primary foe. That total is close to the entire amount Rick Lazio has raised.

Anthony Weiner secured $5.8 million in Homeland Security grants for mostly Jewish religious institutions in the area.

Lynn Krogh, a key Lazio aide, gets profiled in the T-U.

Scott Stringer’s office hired a computer firm run by state Independence Party head Frank MacKay.

A pro-business 527 is in the works to counter the effects of the WFP.

The oil spill disaster still isn’t over.

The state Democratic Party says Randy Credico failed to file enough signatures to get on the ballot in his campaign against Chuck Schumer.

Alvin Greene delivered his first campaign speech.

Jeremiah Frei-Pearson ended his Queens Assembly bid.

Helen Sears failed to file over $100,000 of campaign expenses.

Sarah Palin and Andrea Batista Schlesinger mixed it up on Twitter over the Ground Zero mosque.

Morning Read: Cuomo, Stringer, Credico