Morning Read: Meet The Weiners

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Weiner

Former President Bill Clinton officiated, and he told the couple that marrying a politician can be tough, because “it’s easy to distrust them,” according to the DN

In a little over four years, the NYPD made 52,000 stop and frisks in Brownsville

David Paterson awarded a nearly $300 million no-bid contract to the firm that employs his wife

Chris Christie has been a far more deft politician than detractors and even some supporters suspects, the Times says.

The vanishing cigarette machine

Democratic Party head Charlie King still has a stake in a lobbying and consulting firms that represent NY’s largest beer distributor, a technology firm, and a gaming company, even as he attacks Rick Lazio for being a “Wall Street lobbyist.”

And speaking of Lazio, well-informed Republican activists tell Fred Dicker that his campaign finance filings will show him being outraised 20-1 by Andrew Cuomo

Basil Smikle has raised $130,000 in his quest to take on Bill Perkins

Robert Gibbs concedes that the G.O.P could take over the House

A former aide to Eric Gioia tells the Post that he quit his job with the WFP’s canvassaing arm after he was told to falsify signatures. Untrue, says the WFP

Morning Read: Meet The Weiners