Morning Read: Party Policing

Democrats are making a move to have Pedro Espada Jr. ousted from the party.

Some Republicans would like to see national party chairman Michael Steele do something else.

Andrew Cuomo is the unseen hand on the state budget.

Jimmy wonders when the circus is coming back to Albany.

Yesterday’s Post said State Senator Carl Kruger got teary when asked about thousands of dollars in strange campaign spending.

Today, the paper follows it up with a look at the mysterious air conditioning company Kruger used.

Liz has the video of state Senator Eric Schneiderman on Olbermann last week, and contrasts it with Kathleen Rice’s own Olbermann moment.

The Times Union backs Richard Brodsky’s inquiry into public authorities.

Cuomo and Rick Lazio both marched in the parade on Staten Island yesterday.

The Economist did some photoshopping to make President Obama look a little more forlorn in the Gulf.

Chris Cox might try to petition his way onto the ballot.

Democrats are worried about their fundraising.

Chuck Schumer isn’t worried about Elena Kagan’s very subtle criticism.

Anthony Weiner is about to be off the market.

“It’s not the best time for people like me,” David Brooks tells New York magazine.

Queen Elizabeth is coming to Manhattan tomorrow.

Morning Read: Party Policing