Morning Read: Rangel, Paladino, Espada

Chuck Schumer is keeping his distance from Charlie Rangel.

The rest of the state Dems are expected to follow suit.

Carl Paladino is gaining.

But self-funded candidates rarely succeed.

The soda tax is still alive.

Gov. Paterson is determined to make legislator’s lives “miserable” over the next three weeks.

Pedro Espada was spotted playing the slots.

Non-partisan elections may still be alive.

Hushed lips in Rhinebeck over Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

The Obama administration is pushing a plan to let Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy expire.

The WaPo goes to Harlem.

The state Independence Party has endorsed a GOP candidate who hired a political consultant with close ties to the party two campaign seasons in a row.

Morning Read: Rangel, Paladino, Espada