Morning Read: Trouble For John Sampson

The Department of Environmental Protection is pledging better oversight of abestos inspectors.

State Senate Democratic leader John Sampson performed legal work for the Queens real estate broker being investigated for improperly loaning Rep. Greg Meeks $40,000.

And his conference spent $26,000 on restaurant meals over the last six months. The G.O.P only went out to eat to the tune of $3,200.

And that broker, Edul Ahmad, has been the target of five state investigations.

Seventeen members of the City Council have serious credit card debt.

Michele Bachmann will head a new “Tea Party caucus” in Congress.

CNN got Eliot Spitzer on the cheap.

Marty Markowitz accepted a lot of free travel last year.

There will be a GOP primary between Carl Paladino and Rick Lazio.

For House Democrats, it’s jobs jobs jobs.

Who will get the Governator’s blessing?

The Albany Project says Gail Goode’s longshot Senate is all about Gillibrand-bashing.




Morning Read: Trouble For John Sampson