Move Over Seacrest, Piers Morgan Has 9 p.m. Talent

Piers Morgan, host of America’s Got Talent and a former British tabloid editor, will likely sign a deal to take over Larry King’s 9 p.m. timeslot on CNN in the coming days, according to Brian Stelter and Bill Carter.

NBC has agreed to share Mr. Morgan with CNN, according to The Times. America’s Got Talent brings in 20 million viewers for the network, and expanding Mr. Morgan’s brand onto another platform might drive more viewers to the show.

Mr. Stelter and Mr. Carter had some fun with the write-up:

If completed, the deal would vault Mr. Morgan, a native of Britain, onto the Mount Rushmore of TV’s top interviewers, alongside Oprah, Barbara and Katie. It will also demonstrate that CNN thinks there is still room in primetime for long-form interviews with public servants and starlets, a stark contrast to the partisan pundits on its higher-rated competitors.

Mount Rushmore!

Mr. King said that $51 Million man Ryan Seacrest was his personal favorite for the spot. “If he knows his politics, I couldn’t think of a better person than him,” Mr. King told the LA Times at the beginning of the summer, but that never materialized.

Mr. King’s producer Tammy Haddad thinks Mr. Morgan will be just fine. “Almost every other U.K. TV import has been hugely successful,” she told The Times. He has an accent? Done.

Move Over Seacrest, Piers Morgan Has 9 p.m. Talent