Office Politics

One of the perks of being Newark Council President is the bearer of the title traditionally gets the biggest City Hall office space among the council people.

For four years, Council President Mildred Crump kept the tradition alive, comfortably streching her legs in the largest of legislative spaces.

But when Crump couldn’t summon the votes this year to remain council president, she had to yield to Councilman Donald Payne as her succcessor.

Only sources say she’s not prepared to yield the office space.

Payne waited for Crump to clear out, and when it didn’t happen, he wrote her note asking her to give it up.

But Crump doesnt intend to go quietly.

Sources say she wrote back to Payne reminding him that he said he would back her for another term as council prez. When it didn’t happen, Crump figured Payne also forfeited his right to the big office and evidently shows no intentions of budging.

Office Politics