Photographing Nude Women Can Be Proportionally Exciting

The Post‘s “Dream Job” profile of Playboy photographer Gen Nishino begins with the caveat that, yes, not everyone may think that shooting nude women is the best job in the world. Then it launches into an extremely boring interview that still operates under the assumption that it would be.

Nishino, a heterosexual former hairdresser, says that his enthusiasm for shooting nude women has diminished “only proportionally” after shooting over 1,000 nude women. He can still put nude women at ease, he says, when he’s shooting them.

Even the most titillating question, “What do you find most erotic in a photo?” is answered in a by-the-numbers fashion. 

I have an expression I use: FISH, which stands for fashion, interactive, sensuality, humor. If an image contains all of those, I feel good. For example, if I shoot on the beach and the girl’s lounging on the sand, that’s not as exciting as another perspective with her, the sand, and then in the background to have one or two people walking toward us. That triggers the eroticness, the tease.

That’s a man who understand his eroticism. Playboy has been making headlines recently over Hugh Hefner’s efforts to re-privatize the company.

Photographing Nude Women Can Be Proportionally Exciting