Resigned from The Times: Digital Design Director Khoi Vinh

New York Times digital design director Khoi Vinh announced on his personal blog this morning that he resigned from the paper two in a half weeks ago, and his last day is Friday.

Mr. Vinh wrote that he was interested in moving on to other projects, and he had nothing but glowing things to say about The Times:

Of course, this was all made possible by the Times itself. In spite of all of the travails the news industry has been through, the company is still a beacon of quality, and that’s an enormous help in luring good talent. What’s more, management was unequivocally supportive of my staffing plans from the first, not only by providing me with the open positions and the budget that I needed, but also in allowing me to materially change the environment for how interaction design is practiced at the Times. That makes all the difference.

In fact, I’m indebted to the company in so many more ways than I can fully expound upon here. To put it mildly, their early faith in me changed my career. As I prepare to leave, there are so many opportunities available to me now that would have been impossibilities for me had the Times not hired me almost half a decade ago. I handed in my resignation with considerable regret, I have to say, as I still feel an abiding passion for The New York Times as a force for good in the world. I’m thankful that, in addition to the design staff I leave behind, there’s no shortage of smart, energetic and driven people who remain. I wish them all the luck in the world.

In recent months, Mr. Vinh was working on Times apps for different platforms and the continuously evolving design of

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Resigned from The Times: Digital Design Director Khoi Vinh