Robert Thomson Memo on Deborah Needleman

Robert Thomson writes a typically Thomsonian memo this afternoon — guess what! he uses the word panglossian! — to announce the news of Deborah Needleman’s new appointment at WSJ.

From: Thomson, Robert
To: WSJ All News Staff
Sent: Tue Jul 27 11:01:44 2010
Subject: Deborah Needleman

To All:

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Deborah Needleman to a
newly created role in which she will serve as editor-in-chief of WSJ.
magazine and editor of a new weekly Saturday lifestyle section, about
which we must necessarily be somewhat discreet, for now.

Deborah – who was founding editor of domino magazine – will succeed
Tina Gaudoin at WSJ., which has thrived as other magazines have
struggled during the downturn. The content of the new Saturday section
will complement that of the magazine, so Deborah will be able to
exercise her knowing eye and refined taste in overseeing and
developing both publications.

There have been sightings of Deborah on the fourth floor in New York,
as she has been consulting on the soon-to-be-launched section. She has
shown in her past work that glossies need not be panglossian, and the
new section will have a sensibility that separates it qualitatively
from the competition.

As we welcome Deborah, we should also recognize Tina’s significant
achievements. To sculpt a successful magazine in such harsh economic
conditions is remarkable. Tina will begin her new role as contributing
editor for style and fashion for The Wall Street Journal Europe in
London after polishing the September and October issues. Upon assuming
her new role on September 1, Deborah, who will report to Mike Miller,
will begin fashioning the December issue.

Please join me in welcoming Deborah and lauding Tina.


Robert Thomson Memo on Deborah Needleman