Rothman: ‘Prez was handed difficult challenges’

He was the northeast coordinator for the campaign of Barack Obama, the one member of the New Jersey delegation who cut one way when everyone else went the other – and when it was over, U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-Fairlawn) stood at the front of the line with the winner.

In session tomorrow with his colleagues, Rothman won’t make a break for Edison, where Obama, with the honeymoon gloss off, has picked the Tastee Sub Shop as a decidedly humbler haunt than last year’s PNC Bank Center and Prudential Center for his Jersey drop-in.

But Rothman made clear Obama is still his prez.

“The president was handed some extremely difficult challenges and he has responded thoughtfully and deliberately to address them,” the congressman told “None of them are simple, but the future of America is bright.”

Rothman described this morning’s congressional delegation powwow with Gov. Chris Christie as “excellent.”

“The governor continues to demonstrate a commitment to working together acros the aisle,” said the Bergen County congressman, who asked Christie about his policies regarding the Meadowlands, Izod Center and Xanadu.

“The governor expressed an interest in working with me on these issues,” Rothman said. “He suggested in the meeting that he wanted to share the results of some of his work on these issue with my staff and me.”  

Rothman: ‘Prez was handed difficult challenges’