Ruth Madoff Does Charity Work, the Post Still Mocks Her

This weekend, the Post continued its gleeful coverage of the downfall of Ruth Madoff, and while their mockery is always fun in a “boys will be boys” kind of way, the latest development doesn’t really invite criticism the way past stories have. Ms. Madoff now apparently lives in Florida, near her sister, and passes the time by participating in a Meals-on-Wheels-style food delivery service.

Ho ho! That’s rich!

Likening her, in a stretch, to the “biblical Ruth” the paper takes particular joy in ridiculing her ride, a 1996 Infiniti:

The former billionaire’s wife has been reduced to driving around in a 14-year-old clunker, with a parking placard in the back seat that reads, “homebound delivery volunteer driver.”

What a loser! We can almost picture her slowly handing over a foil-wrapped tray to a terminally ill, wheelchair-bound senior citizen as her lame car turns into an oven in the Florida sun. That’ll teach you to marry a Ponzi schemer. 

Ms. Madoff actually has a history of supporting charitable endeavors. A New York magazine piece about how everyone hates her noted that she was very generous philanthropically, before all this unpleasantness. Though, of course, that was all other people’s money.    

Ruth Madoff Does Charity Work, the Post Still Mocks Her