Scorsese Denies Affinity for Rubber-Faced Ginger Boy

Martin Scorsese has thrown doubt on a recent article in the U.K.’s Sun newspaper by strongly contradicting a quote they attributed to him regarding Rupert Grint, the 21-year-old who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

The Sun story had Scorsese going so far as to favorably compare Grint to Leonardo DiCaprio, but in a statement to The New York Times today, Scorsese denied the compliment on no uncertain terms:

“With respect to the Harry Potter films, regrettably I’ve never seen them and therefore am not able to discuss them or the performances of the talent in them in any way.”

This sounds like the smart way to go on Marty’s part, as it allows him to avoid addressing Grint’s acting ability. It was either this or go on a rant about how DiCaprio’s skill is unparalleled, though we’re sure Scorsese has such a speech ready to go.

There are of, course, broader implications for the Murdoch-owned Sun. Everything in the paper is now subject to scrunity: tornado chasing may not be the next big thing, “teen knife hell” may be fueled by something other than Facebook and these clouds really could be a UFO.

Scorsese Denies Affinity for Rubber-Faced Ginger Boy