Simon Rich on Betty White’s Freakish Energy

When I interviewed novelist and SNL writer Simon Rich last week we happened to get on the subject of Betty White and her stint hosting the show.

The performance just netted an Emmy nomination for each of them, and Mr. Rich attributes the success of the episode to the 88-year-old’s surprising liveliness.

“We were nervous on Monday because the show is exhausting for anybody,” Mr. Rich said of his first day working with Ms. White. “We were nervous meeting her, like, ‘is she going to be okay?’ And she was completely energetic and sharp and witty and we were really inspired.”

“By Saturday we started to be a little freaked out. Like, ‘how is this woman so energetic? Did she sell her soul to the devil? What happened exactly?’… She was so on top of her game,” he said.

Mr. Rich also admitted his role in the sketch that discussed Ms. White’s, ahem, muffin.

Simon Rich on Betty White’s Freakish Energy