Spinal Tap: Cuomo Finds Friends in Chiropractors of New York

Say what you will about politicians lacking spine, but Andrew Cuomo’s paying special attention to his.

In today’s Observer, we looked at the funds raised thus far in the 2010 gubernatorial race, gaping in awe at Andrew Cuomo’s staggering lead. Most of the money-raking corporate donors seemed pretty de rigueur for Mr. Cuomo: law, commercial development, real estate. But one strange outlier contributed a hefty portion of individual corporate donations, with at least 50 confirmed in a rough Googling of each donor: chiropractors.

The individual chiropractic donations weren’t exactly plush — ranging from $25 to $2,000 — but together, rounded up to about $9,000 (not including non-corporate donations made by doctors). Some also donated to Chiropurpose, a political arm representing New York chiropractors.

Mr. Cuomo, to our knowledge, does not have any job-threatening spinal condition, but apparently sees a chiropractor regularly. His dad, too. These were selling points for him at a March fundraiser hosted by the New York Chiropractic Council and New York State Chiropractic Association. More than 50 local doctors sat in a small Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side, listening as Mr. Cuomo excoriated insurance abuses and emphasized the need for better patient rights to access care. According to NYCC vice president Ken Gonoud, a practicing chiropractor in the Bronx, the Cuomo camp brought the idea of a fundraiser over to them.

“As Attorney General he championed many causes of insurance abuses and that caught our attention,” Mr. Gonoud said.

The chiropractic agencies also showed their support at a breakfast reception in September hosted by former Senator Nick Spano’s lobbying firm, Empire State Planning.

Incidentally, the Cuomo Family Chiropractic Center operates in the Bronx, near Morris Park. A receptionist who answered the phone there said the center’s owners bore no relation to the first family of New York politics. And, she added, they had not heard about the fundraiser.

Spinal Tap: Cuomo Finds Friends in Chiropractors of New York