Super Salaries

Advocates of tax and public salaries reforms will shed few tears over Gov. Chris Christie’s recent proposal to cap school superintendents’ salaries.  Many have broken the $200,000 mark and an elite few have salaries approaching $300,000.

Christie’s proposal got us thinking here at PolitickerNJ (never a good thing) and with the help of some Department of Education data, we’d like to present you with some numbers.

Please take careful note of the salaries per student, which is the last set of figures on the list.  We crunched those numbers ourselves by dividing the number of students in the district by the superintendent’s salary to show you how much the super gets paid per student.


Average Superintendent/Chief School Administrator Salary – statewide: $167,994

Median Superintendent/CSA Salary – statewide: $168,673

Number of Superintendent/CSA salaries above $200,000: 84

Number of Superintendent/CSA salaries above $250,000: 6

Number of Superintendent/CSA salaries below $100,000: 9

Highest Paid Superintendent: Newark – Dr. Clifford Janey – $284,200

Lowest Paid Superintendent:  Netcong – Melissa Bammer (Acting CSA) $75,000

Largest District by Student Population: Newark: 45,151

Smallest District by Student Population: Stockton Boro (Hunterdon County): 37

Highest Superintendent Salary Per Student: Stockton Boro – Suzanne Ivans (CSA) $2,825.27 per student.

Lowest Superintendent Salary Per Student: Newark – Clifford Janey $6.29 per student

Average Salary Per Student Statewide:  $204.40

Median Salary Per Student Statewide: $116.95



Super Salaries