Supreme Court Punts on Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court has denied a petition from a group of same sex couples pushing for the state to allow them to marry.

The court ruled that since no trial existed at the Superior Court level, it could not rule on the merits of the case.

“This matter cannot be decided without the development of an appropriate trial-like record,” the court ruled.

Steven Goldstein, Executive Director of Garden State Equality said the court’s ruling was a blow to equality in the state.

“Because of the legislature’s inability to act and the Supreme Court’s decision today, New Jersey continues in a caste system where an entire people are thrown aside into a profoundly inferior status, spit on, dumped on, utterly degraded, by hospitals and employers who mock the term ‘civil union.’  Children will continue to live with an imprimatur of inferiority,  psychologically devastated because they can’t marry or because their same-sex parents cannot marry.  Same-sex couples will continue to be denied the consistent right to visit one another in the hospital, to make medical decisions for one another, and to receive equal health benefits from employers, all because of the deprivation of the equality and dignity that uniquely comes with the word ‘marriage.’

Supreme Court Punts on Gay Marriage