Tech Meetup Promises Thrills, Social Networking

The NY Tech Meetup, packed into the 860-seat NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, promises to be the geekiest gathering in the city this month.

As it has since it was launched by Scott Heiferman in 2004, the July event will feature a flurry of presentations by internet startups hoping to catch the eye of investors.  

Among the companies scheduled to present at tomorrow’s meetup:  StuffBuff, a more organized, bluer-hued eBay-esque auction site; Betterfly, a site that connects people to personal services that will help users feel, presumably, better; and Eventros, a social networking mobile site that allows (bored?) attendees of professional events to connect with each other – during the event.

And there are other presentations, too, including one by NYU professor Clay Shirky, who’s become a web demigod.

The meetups are cyber-startup whirlwinds: six developers each month have five minutes to present their ideas on a stage. Past Meetup  winners include the founders of, one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites in 2009, which demoed their file-sharing site at the November meetup in 2007, as well as Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo and Google, which have presented ideas at past events.

Tech Meetup Promises Thrills, Social Networking