Translating the CBS Press Tour

The TCA Press Tour is happening this week in Los Angeles and that means it’s once again time for some dizzying network spin. For those who aren’t familiar, the TCA (Television Critics Association) Press Tour allows critics the chance to speak with network executives and talent about the upcoming television season. First up on the docket was CBS, led by Nina Tassler. What can we expect from their new slate of fall shows? Let’s translate!

On Hawaii 5-0, a reboot of the iconic classic

Tassler says: “You have to look at the audience that is going to remember the original show. You want to be respectful, in a way a kind of homage. But for us, we loved the pitch so much. […] I think that it has got great humor. It’s got great action. Those characters pop. It’s got those great beach scenes.”

Tassler means: The audience that’s going to remember the show might as well not even exist. This is a reboot! With action on the beach! Who wouldn’t want to see this?

On Mike & Molly, a new sit-com from Chuck Lorre about an overweight couple

Tassler says: “I thought, ‘It’s Chuck Lorre.'”

Tassler means: Audiences love his lowest common denominator television series (see: Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory), so why wouldn’t they love this one?

On David Letterman

Tassler says: “As long as Dave is happy and Dave wants to stay around, we’re very happy to have him there.”

Tassler means: You think we’d screw up a good thing like NBC? Get real.

On $#*! My Dad Says, the William Shatner-led comedy show based on a Twitter feed

Tassler says: “We haven’t really gotten pushback yet [on the title].” She also confirmed that “most scenes” in the pilot would be reshot because of some casting changes.

Tassler means: This show is a mess, but when we ordered the series, @BPGlobalPR wasn’t up and running yet. Translating the CBS Press Tour