Translating the CW Press Tour

Another day, another TCA press tour to translate. This time it’s Dawn Ostroff, the head of The CW which features such soapy teen staples as Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries.

On the low ratings for The CW programs

Ostroff says: “The days of waking up and looking at the overnight ratings are gone.”

Ostroff means: We’re The CW! It doesn’t matter if Gossip Girl gets ratings comparable to shows on AMC and HBO — as long as its cast still features heavily in magazines and on blogs, we’re golden. It’s the illusion of success that counts.

On the lack of comedies on The CW

Ostroff says: “We don’t really develop comedies.”

Ostroff means: Comedy comes naturally to our existing shows. Have you seen an episode of Gossip Girl lately? It’s a laugh riot.

On the evolution of how viewers watch TV

Ostroff says: “Our young viewers are the first to migrate to other platforms.”

Ostroff means: The days of people watching television are just about over. Weep for the death of the medium.

On new series, Nikita, a spy-drama based on La Femme Nikita

Ostroff says: “The writing was very strong. Danny Cannon did an amazing job directing the show. McG is one of the producers. It was just an incredible package.”

Ostroff means: This is what being a television executive in 2010 means: You have to say something with McG’s named on it is “incredible.” Translating the CW Press Tour