Weiner and King Haven’t Cooled By The Morning

Anthony Weiner and Peter King got into it on the floor of the House yesterday over the 9/11 Health bill, and clearly hadn’t made up by the morning.

Appearing on Fox News, the two shouted over each other as host Bill Hemmer failed to rein them in.

“Hearing the truth is going to hurt,” Weiner told King. “And the truth is Democrats overwhelmingly supported this and Peter’s party overwhelmingly voted against.”

Democrats tried to pass the bill, which would have provided $7.4 billion to first responders and residents sickened by dust from the 9/11 attacks, with a super-majority in order to keep Republicans from adding amendments.

“Anthony, keep quiet for a second,” King says later on. “I said last night they wanted to make a cheap political point…this is hypocrisy right here.”

Shot back Weiner: “I got ninety-four percent of my colleagues. What percent did you get? How did that whip organization go? How is that crackerjack Peter King whip organziation working out?”


Weiner and King Haven’t Cooled By The Morning