What Next for the Cast of Party Down?

The inevitable happened yesterday as Party Down—the very cult comedy series with a very limited audience—was canceled after two, mostly

The inevitable happened yesterday as Party Down—the very cult comedy series with a very limited audience—was canceled after two, mostly hilarious seasons. Though considering Adam Scott, the male lead, left for the greener pastures of network television and Parks and Recreation (let’s use “greener” lightly here: Parks and Recreation is yet another cult comedy series that could be on the wrong end of a network pick-up after next season), the death of Party Down was in the cards for quite some time. Still, that didn’t stop a cabal of comedy nerd lovers (read: television critics and cool kids on Twitter) from bemoaning the end of the Starz series. Expect it to take a place alongside Arrested Development in the “too beautiful for this world” category of sitcoms before very long.

But now that the dust has officially settled, what will happen to the remaining Party Down cast members—the ones who, unlike Scott, stayed around until the party was over (sorry, couldn’t resist). Come along as we try to find a home for all these wayward strays.

Lizzy Caplan

Poor Lizzy! Out of loyalty, she turned down a role in the CBS sitcom Mad Love (she was eventually replaced by the amazing Judy Greer), only to see that show get picked up for a mid-season run in the same week that Party Down hit the skids. There will be no shortage of producers and television executives knocking on her door, however—consider Caplan to be the next Rashida Jones. As such, expect some NBC comedy to snatch her up before too long. Our hope: Community.

Ken Marino

The veteran comedy actor would be ideal to replace Steve Carell on The Office, if only because he basically played a poor man’s (and cheap network’s) Steve Carell on Party Down. Marino has done comedy forever, but he does seem to possess a sleazy and dangerous side, something he got to display occasionally on Veronica Mars. So how about we find Marino a drama—perhaps a Bob Odenkirk-like appearance on Breaking Bad would do the trick?

Ryan Hansen

Another Veronica Mars veteran, Ryan has the vapid surfer dude thing down cold. Unfortunately, that type of character went out of style when The O.C. shuffled off the air. That didn’t stop NBC from casting him in Friends with Benefits, a comedy pilot that tells you everything you need to know in its title. Once that doesn’t make it out of the starting gates (sorry, Ryan!), here’s hoping Gossip Girl comes calling. Like they don’t need to give Serena a long-lost brother?

Martin Starr

Starr took the news of Party Down‘s cancellation the hardest—at least according to his Twitter rants—and that’s probably because he never had material as good as this. As Roman, the perpetually incensed fanboy–cum–struggling screenwriter, he was nasty, mean-spirited and downright unlikable. Networks don’t particularly like that kind of character, but cable sure does! If FX winds up picking up new series Louie for another season (and they probably will), wouldn’t Starr and his misanthropy fit right in? We thought so.

Megan Mullally

The “biggest star” on Party Down and a replacement for the gone-too-greener pastures Jane Lynch, Mullally should have no trouble finding work. Just as long as it doesn’t include the phrase “I can’t believe it’s not butter.” What Next for the Cast of Party Down?