Women Are Still Gold Diggers, FoxBusiness Reports

Gold digging is alive and well, according to a FoxBusiness article called Gold Digging Is Alive and Well, one of the lead items on its website this afternoon. The piece, authored by Nancy Colasurdo, who is not only a columnist but also a life coach, begins by pointing out that one might assume that gold digging would be hurt by the recession, as “the pool of Wall Street guys — and their stock, so to speak — was going steadily down.”

But! Armed with the news that Elin Nordegren was said to be seeking $750 million in her divorce settlement (“regardless of the sordid list of women Tiger Woods has bedded”), and with first-hand evidence that the author got from “a visit to comedy club one recent night” [sic], the FoxBusiness article says the so-called Material Girl mentality is back. To back up her thesis, Ms. Colasurdo mentions a bad thing she saw on TV recently: something about wallets and sex that one of the Real Housewives of New York said on an episode of a VH1 dating show.

And then there is a nice personal touch at the article’s finale: “Recently I had a guy send me a drink across a restaurant and he was a gold digger’s dream — loaded, charming, gorgeous, ambitious and with a mesmerizing Italian accent. The cliché package. He would have paid for anything and everything. But truly, he wasn’t interested in anything I had to say. Dreamy? Not so much.” Women Are Still Gold Diggers, FoxBusiness Reports