A Roger-Rafa Final? It's Good Copy Now!

In the four years that I’ve covered the Open, I’ve always been surprised at how little buzz there is over a potential Federer-Nadal final. This is supposed to be the great rivalry of our time! The Ali-Frazier! The Magic-Bird! New York has been the only Grand Slam home without a final between the two.

Finally, the press corps seems to be mobilizing, and they’ve declared what they want: A Nadal-Federer final, and they want it now.

Some examples!

The Wall Street Journal lays the groundwork today, and mentions that “this six-year-old odyssey, surprisingly, shockingly and sadly, hasn’t made its way to New York.”

The Post led this morning its Open supplement with a Rafa story, mentioning that the two Giants of Tennis haven’t met up yet (this story is, somehow, not on the web).

The Times led this morning with a story about Rafa and his ambivalence talking about his place in history. What better way to win in New York and beat Roger.

And, ah yes, The Observer wrote last week that Rafa has never dazzled New York the way he has in Paris, Melbourne and London. With a spirited Roger and Rafa final? Done!


  A Roger-Rafa Final? It's Good Copy Now!