Adubato v. Codey II

Sources in earshot of Monday night’s Codey-Adubato wheelhouse at Nanina’s in the Park say the exchange wasn’t all sweetness and light concerning the senator’s jail-bound brother.

When Steve Adubato, the Newark North Ward Democratic leader, approached the former Senate President, Codey left Adubato with his hand hanging, says a Codey ally.

Adubato objected, and Codey quietly told him off with attached expletive.

Adubato then said all he was trying to do was tell him he was sorry about his brother, but Codey, still smarting from Essex County Executive (and Adubato acolyte) Joe Divincenzo’s role in last year’s senate presidency cabal, evidently said something to the effect of, “What, do you think I’m stupid?” Adubato v. Codey II