Advertisers Consider Steven Slater For Service Industry Endorsements

When surveyed about the future of former flight attendant Steven Slater, talent and branding agency officials told Reuters that he should capitalize on his recent fame with a talk show circuit. Then the ad men chimed in and suggested that he be a spokesman for things.

Beer endorsements were a natural suggestion, and one managing director mulled using Slater for a 2011 campaign centered around “go[ing] for it,” but most seemed to think that he would be a good spokesman for the service industry, despite having been pretty inhospitable that one time. “He could show how painful it is to be in the wait line for a cell phone carrier,” said one.

Maybe they’re dizzy with adrenaline from this new season of Mad Men, but one marketing consultant even suggested that Jet Blue make Slater its spokesman.

“Steve Slater is the modern-day equivalent of Charles Bronson in ‘Death Wish’ — except, of course, there’s no artillery, bloodshed or permanent damage in this particular example of brand vigilantism,” he said. “I’d recommend JetBlue gets behind him. They have the kind of brand personality and authentic self-assuredness to use this as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate purpose and conviction. And if not, then I’d recommend one of their competitors snapped him up.”

Hurry, Delta, hurry! Before someone snatches up the Charles Bronson of airplanes!

Advertisers Consider Steven Slater For Service Industry Endorsements