Air Conditioning and ‘Anti-Geithner Jihad’! Marxist Moe Tkacik’s D.C. Sabbatical

“I grew up watching McLaughlin Group on Saturday nights, and basically all those calcified old fuckers are still around,” Moe Tkacik told the Media Mob this afternoon on gchat.

Ms. Tkacik is taking a job with the Washington City Paper and moving down to DC. She said the City Paper is trying to “remake” itself.

“They want me to do a blog and cover stories basically,” she added. “Like ‘more hit pieces’ and ‘be meaner’ and ‘remind people of the totally insane shit that happened during the Bush administration’ and maybe an anti-Geithner jihad,” she wrote on gchat. “You know that stuff.”

Ms. Tkacik hadn’t yet decided on a name for her blog. “For awhile I was going to start a blog called Das Krapital on my own so maybe this could be Das Crapitol or something,” she said, “but I will brainstorm about this a bit later.” She also wasn’t sure what her job title was.

Editor Erik Wemple left the paper in March to start a local blog, TBD. He was replaced by Mike Schaffer in April. Mr. Schaffer is a friend! Ms. Tkacik introduced Mr. Schaffer to Mike Madden — an old friend of Ms. Tkacik from their days working at the Penn student newspaper — and Mr. Schaffer eventually hired Mr. Madden to become his no. 2. Then they asked Ms. Tkacik if she would work for them.

“I was in town for my brother’s wedding and we had lunch and they were like ‘You wouldn’t think of …moving would you?’ And I was like ‘Huh! It has been a really miserable summer in New York in my house and I need a job with air conditioning so maybe,'” she explained.

“I’m viewing it as a sabbatical definitely because it’s traumatizing to think about leaving here [New York],” Ms. Tkacik said. “I get carded there more now than I did when I was 17, which tells you something about the place.”

Ms. Tkacik has been working as a freelancer lately (she is currently on assignment for The Observer). She said she has been thinking about taking a more stable job in financial journalism. But, she said, “they’re always a little freaked out by Marxists and the idea of working with people I like was appealing.”

What was that about being a Marxist?

“Seriously though, no I am not explicitly anything, I am not really an extremist, but these are extreme times we’re living in,” she said. “I basically don’t think anyone should be allowed to accumulate more than $50 million. There should just be a cap, and everything beyond that goes to the abortion fund.”

“That’s not really socialism, by my definition,” she added, “but you know, we don’t live in particularly rational times.”

Towards the end of our chat with Ms. Tkacik we got an email from a reader who told us we had an error in our earlier post about Ms. Tkacik: We wrote that she was the founding editor of Jezebel. The reader said that wasn’t true.

We checked with Ms. Tkacik.

“Anna and I basically founded it although we also had a fashion editor,” she said, adding that she is happy that Anna Holmes is getting a break from blogging. Jessica Coen replaced Ms. Holmes at the end of June. We asked Ms. Tkacik if the blog was changing. “It’s been different for a long time,” she said. “In the beginning, it was just a different thing. It was really fun. I don’t know quite when or why or to what extent it’s changed though. It was just smaller and less serious then.” / @zekeft Air Conditioning and ‘Anti-Geithner Jihad’! Marxist Moe Tkacik’s D.C. Sabbatical