All The Official Ways Mark Hurd Appears to Have Failed HP

The Journal makes a little joke today! In the opening of a story on the day’s biggest sex scandal, it pulls a choice quote from HP’s Our Standards of Business Conduct: Building Trust Together, a 20-page document available online: “Before I make a decision, I consider how it would look in a news story.” The Journal quips that Mr. Hurd (see some shots of him here to get acquainted), “would appear to have failed that test.”

But the news-story test is not the only one that Mr. Hurd apparently failed.

Here are others:

  • “Encourage a harassment-free work environment.”
  • “Uphold your responsibility to protect HP financial assets.”
  • “Create business records that accurately reflect the truth of the underlying transaction or event.”
  • “Make decisions in the best interest of HP.”
  • “Provide and accept gifts, favors, and entertainment only if they are reasonable complements to business relationships.”
  • “We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect, and dignity for all.”
  • “Treat others the way you and they would like to be treated.”
  • “Do the right thing, regardless of the pressure.”
  • “Protect all HP assets, remembering that our reputation is the easiest asset to lose and the most important to keep.”
All The Official Ways Mark Hurd Appears to Have Failed HP