Allegretti Asks Grimm To Reveal Himself — UPDATED

Staten Island Republican Congressional candidate Michael Allegretti today accused his Republican opponent, Mike Grimm of living a lie, and  falsifying everything from his military career to his time in the FBI.

“Today I have four questions to ask my opponent in an effort to find out ‘Who is the real Michael Grimm?,'” Allegretti said in a statement, which followed an appearance on the steps of City Hall.

Question one: Why does Michael Grimm claim to be a successful small businessman who can bring jobs to our district when all of his businesses have ended in failure? 

Question two: Why won’t Michael Grimm prove why he left the FBI just a few years before his retirement kicked in? 

Question three: As Michael Grimm fights to earn the Republican Party nomination, and claims to be a Republican with roots here, why hasn’t he voted in a single Republican primary here? 

Question four: Why does Michael Grimm continue to avoid giving a credible explanation as to why he knowingly used photos of himself, on numerous campaign materials, wearing military awards that he knew he did not earn and should not be wearing? The voters of Brooklyn and Staten Island deserve answers.

Grimm lacks any political experience and has been making much of his biography as a Persian Gulf War veteran, FBI agent who brought down financial fraudsters on Wall Street, and later, small businessman who operated a health food restaurant.  But he has in his campaign a photo of himself wearing ribbons that he is not entitled to, and supporters of his opponents have wondered why Grimm would quit the FBI at the height of his career to run a health food restaurant.

Grimm also broke a Defense Department rule that forbids candidates for office from using photos of themselves in uniform.

Whoever wins the Grimm/Allegretti primary will take on Mike McMahon in the general election in a race that has at least an outside shot of slipping into Republican hands, and Grimm is widely seen as the stronger of the two.

UPDATED: When reached for a comment, Grimm said he was awarded some ribbons erroneously due to an administrative mistake on the part of the Army. “At the time I was wearing them, I was entitled to wear them,” Grimm said. “To have this petulant child say anything about my military service when he hasn’t served a day in his life is truly distasteful.” Allegretti Asks Grimm To Reveal Himself — UPDATED