Anna Wintour Grants Shocking Interview

Anna Wintour has given an explosive, revelatory interview to Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon!

Just kidding, it is almost aggressively boring. A selection of our favorite questions and answers:

HL: Ignoring budget and logistics, can you describe your fantasy FNO?
AW: Looking at the impressive lineup for this year, I think we are already seeing the fantasy being played out in reality.

HL: What’s your vision for FNO 10 years from now?
AW: That retailers and consumers will be inventing bigger and better ideas to celebrate fashion.

HL: Who do you think is New York’s #1 shopper?
AW: New York is a fashion-conscious city, and there are many anonymous shoppers who could claim that title.

HL: What influences your own sense of style?
AW: I think style should always be an expression of an individual’s personality and tastes.

Divulging this little interesting information is surely some kind of talent. Anna Wintour Grants Shocking Interview