August 31, 2010 The Cost of Incompetence

August 31, 2010  Candidate Chris Christie made a point over and over again about his fight against corruption in New Jersey government as US attorney. And Gov. Chris Christie made it a point to vilify, bully, and denigrate the teachers of the NJEA.
He even made a joke about it when questioned by Star-Ledger reporter Tom Moran. Doesn’t seem quite as funny now, does the governor Christie?
Gov. Chris Christie asked the teachers in New Jersey to give up their pay raises.
Gov. Chris Christie asked New Jersey voters last April to vote against their local school budgets.
Gov. Chris Christie took a hard stand against the NJEA and all that organization did for the past who knows how many years to make New Jersey schools the best schools in the country.
And what did Chris Christie give back for all he asked? Incompetence.
$400 million. For that same amount of money, the following could have been provided:
5200 Elementary School Teachers for One Year.
Or 44,600 Head Start Slots for Children for One Year.
Or the 33,706 University Scholarships for High School Students for One Year.
So Gov. Christie, when Tom Moran asks you about your administration’s incompetence and what that means for the citizens of New Jersey, are you going to laugh about that, too?

August 31, 2010   The Cost of Incompetence