Bed Bugs Could [NOT!] Eat the Toronto Film Festival (Updated)

The Scotiabank Theatre will be the central venue for screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival, which begins Sept. 9. Hopefully, it will be clear of bed bugs by then. The Hollywood Reporter caught this tell-tale tweet about the itch-inducing pests from TIFF’s co-director, Cameron Bailey: “Before bed bugs becomes today’s meme: We’re on it, we’re talking to Cineplex and are planning for an itch-free (festival).”

Pest control technicians are on the job.

Toronto has been battling the nasty and seemingly ubiquitous parasites all summer and was alerted to the possible infestation Monday by a guest who claimed they were bitten while visiting the venue. Theater owners are all over the problem and want to reassure members of the press and movie industry who will be heading to Toronto in September that “the safety and security” of visitors as well as staff is their “No. 1 concern.”

Update! Cineplex reports no bed bugs found in the Scotiabank. Any itchiness felt while there for TIFF will be purely imaginary or perhaps even produced by whatever you’re watching at the time.


Bed Bugs Could [NOT!] Eat the Toronto Film Festival (Updated)