Bloomberg Knocks 'Em Dead on The Daily Show

Mayor Bloomberg appeared on The Daily Show last night, his first visit since 2002, and for the most part had the crowd eating out of his hand.

The mayor emerged from backstage and was immediately greeted with cheers that may not have been as enthusiastic before his fervent support of the mosque two blocks from ground zero (the developer of the mosque was profiled by our Dana Rubinstein a few weeks ago). Jon Stewart began by addressing the state’s egregious bagel-slicing tax before moving on to the mosque.

Bloomberg defended it on First Amendment grounds as well as practical ones “There’s already a mosque within four blocks of the World Trade Center, there’s porno places, there’s fast food places. I mean, it’s a vibrant community, it’s New York,” he said.

“I would like to build a synagogue, reform, inside St. Patrick’s cathedral,” Stewart joked, later.

Note this, New York Times! Bloomberg referred to Diana Taylor as his “girlfriend” during the interview.

Video below.

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Bloomberg Knocks 'Em Dead on The Daily Show