Bret Easton Ellis Has 'Bret Easton Ellis Moments'

Bret Easton Ellis did an interview with about his new novel Imperial Bedrooms. One of his answers to an interview question reflected an odd self-consciousness that must just come with being, well, Bret Easton Ellis. To be fair, the interviewer, not the author came up with the phrase:

AskMen: Do you ever find yourself having “Bret Easton Ellis moments”? Where an event or time in your life feels like something out of your own stories?

BEE: Yeah, in a way. I just got back from a UK tour about a week ago, and there was a “Bret Easton Ellis night.” The tours are really packed with signing, so it was surprising. There was really no time for a Bret Easton Ellis moment; it was all work mode. But one night there was a book party and I had to go to this party; my publisher sent over this suit that I had to wear — it was a really nice suit — because there were going to be lots of photographers there. Plus, I was staying in the nicest hotel in London, and it was already feeling very Bret Easton Ellis already. Then we went to this private club, where there was a private party. There were all these people there, and drugs started appearing. People were doing drugs, and everyone was wearing nice suits, and it was in a really posh place in London. We then took the party back to my hotel room, where people started to act a bit depraved. And people started to have sex on my couch in front of me, and there were blow lines out in places. At six in the morning I just threw them all out because I finally needed to go to sleep. So, yes, I do have Bret Easton Ellis moments once in a while.

The preceding does indeed read like a breakdown of the next Bret Easton Ellis novel. Or portions of novels he’s already written. It’s just missing Elvis Costello.


Bret Easton Ellis Has 'Bret Easton Ellis Moments'