Brian Williams Has a 'Huge Issue' With Flat-Front Pants

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams sat for an interview with Andrew Goldman for Elle magazine. The two men talked about old girlfriends and sex and style and what turns them on in a woman (sexy voices, said Mr. Williams).

Then they started talking about khakis and somehow made the quantum leap to talking about big penises.

“You see the fashion-forwards going to a plain front,” said Mr. Williams. “And then you see the pleated community seemingly unaware of this trend change.” He that added President Obama still wears pleats. 

Mr. Goldman said he knows somebody who doesn’t wear flat-fronts slacks because “his penis was just too large.”

Well, I’m with him,” Mr. Williams said. “It’s a huge issue.”

This is when we look inside ourselves and asked if we are surprised.

“Kidding,” Mr. Williams added. Brian Williams Has a 'Huge Issue' With Flat-Front Pants