Calculate Your Risk of Divorce! WedLock Offers Insurance

“Every day, tens of thousands of people around the world who truly believed they would stay married forever suddenly find themselves on a path to divorce,” a new website called Wedlock claims. “Many never recover.”

The divorce insurance site, a subsidiary of SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation, sells “units of protection” for $15.99 a month, and each one initially offers $1,250 worth of coverage. They explain how affordable that is: Only about 53 cents a day, which the site says is 10 times less than a “cup of premium coffee.” The company also offers some buying suggestions! Pay for 10 units a month and get $12,500 of coverage, or pay for 80, which would cost $1,279 a month, and get $100,000!

Romantically, the Times wants to know how the company can protect itself from people who know they’ll divorce. The answer is that the company has decided clients can’t cash in until 48 months after their policy starts. But after 48 months of paying $15.99 a month, you’ll have sunk only $767.52. So if you time it right, your divorce might just land you a profit!

Better yet, the most fun feature on WedLock’s website is the Divorce Probability Calculator. Plug in the details of your demographic, and the calculator spits out your likelihood of divorce. “We suggest,” the site explains, “you use this as a kind of ‘barometer’ to determine if you can expect fair weather ahead or a stormy marriage.” Calculate Your Risk of Divorce! WedLock Offers Insurance