Charles Barron, Party Builder

Former Black Panther and current city councilman Charles Barron said today that he is planning to announce the results of his signature-gathering efforts to form a new political party on Monday at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

The Freedom Party, he says, will unite “blacks and Latinos and working class and progressive whites and Asians,” and he adds,  “If we can unite around this party and unite around other progressive parties in the state and say to the Democratic party and the Republican Party that we are no longer going to blindly follow parties that are controlled by corporate interests, greed and corruption.”

He said he will have more than enough signatures to create a third party line and took a few shots at the Democratic standard-bearer, Andrew Cuomo, showing that he was prepared to make this fall campaign about more than symbols.

“Andrew Cuomo to me is not an option for black people, Latino people. Andrew Cuomo is on the side of corporate interests. He is the quietest gubernatorial candidate I have ever seen, he doesn’t come out and have press conferences, not answering to nothing. He has these big thick worksheets or whatever they are, he is not confident enough to face you and deal with all of the contradictions between him and the powers that be and the corruption and where his money comes from…Cuomo is trying to stay out of the limelight as much as he can because he can’t stand the pressure and the scrutiny that will show all of his hidden contradictions, and they are going to come out in the campaign.”

Barron founded the Freedom Party after the Democrats nominated in all-white slate of candidates at their convention. If the Freedom Party gets 50,000 votes, it will earn a spot on the ballot as a major party for the next four years. Barron said that he expected the party to run a slate of candidates for the City Council in 2013, when more than half of that body will be term-limited out.

“We are going to rock this state. We are going to surprise a lot of people.” Charles Barron, Party Builder