Chris Cuomo Is The Black Sheep of His Family

New York Magazine‘s cover story this week centers on the complicated relationship between Mario and Andrew Cuomo, the unique ways each rose to power and their lifetime dedication to public service. If only that goodwill were extended to Andrew’s brother, Chris Cuomo, who neither governor nor governor-to-be seems to understand.

With their father in office, it was Andrew who dropped off Chris at Yale as an undergrad, according to the article, and Chris himself says, “Andrew kind of raised me.” But with their fixation on the common good, neither patriarch saw Chris’ three-year stint on Good Morning America as a major accomplishment.

“My father struggled with it as a significant form of service,” Chris tells me. (Andrew echoed the sentiment: “You got to decide what’s more important: your personal celebrity or what you’re able to do for other people,” Chris recalls him saying.)

This does not make Andrew’s fraternal ribbing seem overly good-natured. Especially when discussing how he has changed since his divorce.

Andrew is into personal development, “self-improvement,” Chris tells me. (“I think Chris needs a lot of improvement,” quips Andrew when I bring it up.)

Zing! Also, poor Chris. Chris Cuomo Is The Black Sheep of His Family