Colbert Grills Meat Head on Gillibrand's Beef Bill

In his “Better Know a Lobby” segment last night, Stephen Colbert sat down with the head of the American Meat Institute, J. Patrick Boyle, to pick his brain about…meat policy.

“The AMI recently opposed a bill introduced by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand that would require the USDA to regulate six additional strains of disease-causing e. coli. Bravo,” Colbert said, referring to a bill the senator introduced back in June. “I say we let the market regulate e. coli. Because if you get a hamburger with e. coli,  you will never buy that hamburger again.”

“I would not encourage you to eat any strain of e. coli,” said Boyle.

“But we shouldn’t regulate them either?”

“E. coli is intensely regulated,” Boyle said.

And so on.

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Better Know a Lobby – American Meat Institute
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Colbert Grills Meat Head on Gillibrand's Beef Bill