Conde Interns Make Their Very Own Magazine

Imagine it: bright-eyed and highly qualified and willing to work for $12 a day, you got an internship at Conde Nast. And now, as summer draws to a close, you hold it in your hands—the fruit of your labor. It’s In: The Conde Nast Intern Magazine!

This year’s publication is “The Generation Issue.” Let’s take a look INside.

The magazine combines topics across the Conde Nast spectrum, from sports to fashion to new media. There are stories on South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene (“When will our society give the Alvin Greenes of the world a fair shot?”), artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (“Our generation hasn’t found its Basquiat, but the decade is young”) and the High Line (“the High Line’s transformation embodies the future of New York, where rich history and forward thinking converge”). There are glimpses of intern life: intern polls (running is their preferred form of exercise; current reading includes Eat, Pray, Love) and candid photos of interns at play, kayaking or attending a “Networking Cookie Break”. There is a recipe for blueberry spelt muffins. There is an “exclusive” interview with Stefano Tonchi, who talks about his own early days in the business:

I started working on magazines in college. I was 17, and a friend from school and I founded a magazine called Apache. We had to find the advertising, we had to find the money to publish it, go to the printer and try to distribute it. My last couple years at the University of Florence, I started another magazine called Westuff. Westuff was a little more ambitious and serious and it became the Emporio Armani house magazine.

This is all larded with many, many ads for Conde Nast. The book closes, naturally, with an intern photo shoot. “They might be green,” notes the Table of Contents, “but Conde Nast interns know how to get taken seriously at the office in neutrals and hues of blue.”

Indeed, in CEO Chuck Townsend appreciates their hard work:

Thank you for your contributions this summer to our Company and its brands. One day you will look back at your time spent at Conde Nast as a valued part of your past and, hopefully, an important building block in your future.

Fingers crossed!

Conde Interns Make Their Very Own Magazine