'Cougars' May Be As Real As Bigfoot

Australian researchers took to dating websites to study 22,400 singles profiles and they made a potentially startling discovery: across all cultures studied, women tend to go for older men or men in their own age group. Michael Dunn, of the Dept. of Psychology at the University of Wales, had researchers cull data from singles in 14 countries. He told the Australian Associated Press that he does believe “the cougar phenomenon is a myth” and “a media construct.” It isn’t exactly that cougars don’t exist at all, Dunn said, it’s just that they are rarer than their male counterparts. According to Dunn, there is “copious evidence revealing a distinctive preference by men for youthful women.”

Courtney Cox will be so disappointed.

[Sydney Morning Herald] 'Cougars' May Be As Real As Bigfoot